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The 1% go-getters of the world, they aren’t more lucky than you, they aren’t handed down something that you can’t have, they simply apply strategies for success and I’m here to share those with you.



  • Take Command of Your Career! 
  • Get ahead without being something that you're not.
  • Don't fake it till you make it!
  • Advance as the female leader your company deserves!

    This mini-course is for you if you are ready to take a quantum leap forward!

    • Great work doesn't get you squat

      If no one knows about it. You can do all the work behind the scenes, but unless you’re out front and talking about it, you’re not going to get where you want.  But this doesn’t come easy for you.

    • Do you want to please everyone? 

      No one can work 24 hours a day or take on every project. Be strategic and set your priorities. Learn to say no and how to explain.

    • Does failure happen when you try new things?

      Things happen - not everything will go your way. Grow and boost your confidence by learning from each move.

    Some Of Our Clients

    Meet Sheri' DuMond

    Confidence Navigation Strategist

    Having spent over 20 years in the corporate world successfully navigating from a marketing assistant to the boardrooms of successful health care & pharma companies, I am taking all the lessons I’ve learned from my time in sales, management and corporate strategists, to  help my clients become their own fierce corporate warriors.

    “The only one who can control my destiny is me. Every hard knock of life is there to either crush us or use as building block to become a strong and powerful warrior.  “

    Sheri' DuMond, Founder

    Our Client Leaders Love Us!

    Sheri' is devoted to getting the best for the clients she works for and she does so while keeping a strong team engaged in the day to day activities. Always striving for improvement, Sheri' takes a full view of her surroundings and does the right thing all the time with the utmost professionalism. She is wonderful to work with and you can always expect excellence in the work she delivers, directs and/or completes. I would recommend working with Sheri' at any opportunity that presents itself.

    Susan Walsh

    Business Development, Sales & CRM Consultant to Contract Research Organizations; CEO Sales-Link, Inc.

    I really enjoyed my working relationship with Sheri'. She helped the team hone in the right messages for the lab and helped us identify their strengths which in turn for made for great public relations messages and thus resulted in an effective PR program for the company. She was instrumental in tying in the PR program with the marketing program so all the messages were in par with each other. Would love another opportunity to work with her again if possible!

    Janet Vasquez

    PR Strategist for Emerging High Growth Companies


    Through assorted projects with PBI, I have come to know Sheri quite well. Through our interactions I have discovered her to be extremely knowledgeable with regards to her clients and their needs, prompt and thorough with our communications and joint projects, and instrumental in guiding our partnership with PBI to a successful position. Her level of professionalism is hard to find in our industry.




    Carissa Jones

    President at Mercodia Inc.

    In a small team, we hired Sheri' as part of an experiment testing the value of adding materials on developing your brand to courses. I found Sheri' helpful and personally motivating. We couldn't ask for a better expert. Her experience spans working from executive level to those just entering the workforce. We received the benefit of her experience, creativity, and strategic thinking. Her out of the box thinking and business analysis has allowed her to create systems for her clients to excel in their careers and brands. Her Personal Branding work with my group helped us see how important this is if you want to find a position or get promoted. Highly recommended!

    Eric Camplin

    Senior Content Developer, Microsoft Worldwide Learning

    Confident Warriors

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