Womens Success Roundtable


Make the Damn Decision!
Learn how to stop second guessing yourself
and get the results
 you'll be proud of!


Tuesday, October 27, 2020 at 6:00pm EST

Hosted by Sheri' DuMond

 _Outcomes for Discussion _

Understand how to use "The Power of 3s" in decision making. Setting an intention,

aligning with your values and checking that feeling in your gut​.


How sitting on the fence may feel comfortable at the time but causes deeper, long term problems. Learn practical tips on how to release the fears that are holding you back.

Experience the freedom of making confident choices that will give you the edge when building teams, leading meetings and managing projects.

Hosts & Featured Guests

Meet the team dedicated to supporting emerging confident warriors.


Sheri' DuMond

Sheri’ has mentored business and sales leaders since the early 2000s. She managed Pharma and CRO industries, trained hundreds of people and starting multi-million dollar divisions for corporations looking to diversify their portfolios.   Now, she has the privilege to help women un-crush their confidence and so much more to take their lives to the next level.  

Author of the weekly email series, Confidence Success Circle, Sheri empowers women in corporate positions to step up in to their natural born feminine leadership and navigate elegantly the often male dominated work environments.


Diane Halfman

Diane Halfman was an undercover cop for the San Diego Police Department where she experienced a unique perspective of life behind the scenes. Diane took her years of experience to pioneer the creation of her own company called SPAlife which stands for Seek Power Always. As the host of the Live Your SPAlife Podcast and as the RESET Specialist Diane Halfman travels the country speaking, consulting, conducting workshops dedicated to helping overwhelmed women entrepreneurs and corporate leaders move from a life of emergency to emergence.

Join our virtual round table!

And meet other women dedicated to refining their leadership skills in the ever-changing 2020 corporate landscape.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020 at 6:00pm EST

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