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Sheri’ DuMond has mentored business and sales leaders since the early 2000s.  She is a speaker, writer and creator of Power Plays: Ignite Your Quantum Leap and take your Career to the Next Level and Confident Success Circle.  Sheri’ built a successful corporate career in the Pharma and CRO industries. 


She managed and trained hundreds of people, during her long tenure.  Then moved into starting multi-million dollar divisions for corporations looking to diversify their portfolios.  But Sheri’ knew she had a longing to take her passion for giving women voices in their careers and lives and turned it into a thriving business.  Now, she has the privilege to help women un-crush their confidence and so much more to take their lives to the next level.

My Confident Warrior Journey

Moments before I walked into the executive boardroom of my new consulting job I thought, “Wow! I've made it! My dream of being at the table of a prestigious million dollar firm has finally come true!”

But the moment I was introduced to the team, something didn’t feel right. I hear a little voice inside me say “RUN!” That was the day I ignored the warning signs and silenced my confidence.  What continued from that day on was a painful trajectory of events that challenged my life’s purpose. 


In the months that followed, as I continued to choke my inner voice, the universe served me some emotional curveballs that I could not manage to strike.  I had my first and only major car accident, pneumonia, death of my two-10-year old boxers puppies within 2-weeks of each other and finally to cap it off, I watched my father suffer in ICU for over three weeks and pass away.  The stress of these events were rapidly and silently killing me of a broken heart. 


But it was in a quiet moment as I watched my dad in ICU, fighting for his life, did that persistent voice finally break through.  I decided, right there at my father's bedside that I was going to do anything I could to create a fulfilled life and career that I loved!  The voice had always been there, saying you’re meant for more than this, but I never listened. The painful realization was that I simply lacked the inner confidence to honor myself, slow down and listen to my life's purpose. 


Within a few months, I invested my own money to get the coaching I needed to overcome confidence issues and help my career move forward.  This intense focus helped me shine and get promotion after promotion and land bigger gigs. In addition, I got my career coaching certification and started helping other women with their confidence short-comings.  By keeping an open dialogue with my inner voice it reminded me of my desire to support other women on their way up the corporate ladder, guiding them to channel their own inner confidence and leadership skills. And that’s how my corporate coaching business was born and I have never felt more aligned with my passion to help women step into their greatness.  


This whole new journey started with my confidence and faith that I could start my own coaching business.  By leveraging my years of cut-throat business and life experience, I understand the obstacles most women face just to operate in the corporate world, without playing the game like a man (something I had to fight over and over).  My passion is about helping others just like YOU discover their confidence and how to use it to have the fulfilling life and career you always dreamed of. 

I believe with all of my heart we are born confident beings. But life and the world knock us down.  I talk with many of my clients and they remember being a ‘confident kid’ but get knocked around in adolescence and beyond.  Life can deal us with some sucker punches that take us off our feet.  Some never get back up and gain that strength to move forward.  They just stay playing small, unknown, being that team-player, never to realize they have a super-star in them.  My purpose is to bring that super-star out and let her shine, on her own terms at work, and life. You are meant to be living beyond the status quo. 

Watch Sheri's Proof Talk and Learn About Her Motivating "WHY"

It was a surly seventh grade guidance counselor that told me I would never amount to anything. Learn how that statement fueled my persistence. 


"The only one who can control my destiny is me.  Every hard knock of life is there to either crush us or use as a building block to become a strong and powerful warrior."

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