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We have talked about toxic people in a series of recent emails. Just when I was taking a break from the topic, this news hit! 


I don’t usually weigh into politics here and would never give my opinion here (not the forum).  But when I saw Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), who serves as the U.S. Representative for New York's 14th congressional district on the House floor I needed to write.  


She was an example of how to handle a toxic situation and con

She was unapologetic in her denouement of the abuse faced by women in Congress and across the country.  She remained calm in the face of the flat out attack.  She had a clear goal to educate men why abusive language is NOT okay and empower women to speak up.  Why it isn’t okay for men to hide behind the women in their lives, just because you have a wife or daughter, does not make it okay to treat other women like that.  But it often happens, doesn’t it?  

With all that is going on in this country, AOC decided this was a battle that needed to be taken on and it needed to happen NOW!

front it.  


AOC decided we could fight this battle and she marshaled us through. She asked her colleagues to rise to the occasion and fight this by her side. And they heard the call.


Because a war is nothing but small battles waged against the enemy. And we have so many more to fight before we repair this broken government. This was the right battle to fight at the right time. And she won this for us with grace.


I am proud of her and I would fight by her side.

Confidence Tip:

 When taking on toxic people, know your goals and stand firm.

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