Being Ambitious is
Lady Like!

My news feeds began blowing up today that Biden’s VP pick. Article after article was talking about how some of the candidates were too ambitious and would be running for President on day one!  I think Sunny Hostin, lawyer, tv host and journalist said it best in a Tweet:


“Sick and tired of the tropes bandied about by white men labeling women, especially black women, as too ambitious, disloyal and rubbing people the wrong way (code for aggressive)...”


Would they be saying that about a man?  Show me any Vice President in the history of the US that wasn’t ambitious?  What VP has not wanted to be the one in charge?  All of the men did!  Why are there different standards for women?


 I don’t care about your politics, having a woman on the ticket is a BIG FREAKIN DEAL!!  But why do we still have men vilifying women who are ambitious, confident and get things done? 

Confidence Tip: 

 True confidence is being ambitious and getting what you want.  Being ambitious is lady like.

Women leaders are who I work with.  They face  different standards than men and stereotypes we need to break, even today.  It is better than it was 10 years ago even, but there is a lot to overcome and having the tools you need, including confidence, is key.  


Meet Sheri' DuMond

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Sheri’ has mentored business and sales leaders since the early 2000s.  She is a speaker, writer and creator of Power Plays: Ignite Your Quantum Leap and take your Career to the Next Level and Confident Success Circle.  Sheri’ built a successful corporate career in the Pharma and CRO industries.  She managed and trained hundreds of people, during her long tenure.  Then moved into starting multi-million dollar divisions for corporations looking to diversify their portfolios.  But Sheri’ knew she had a longing to take her passion for giving women voices in their careers and lives and turned it into a thriving business.  Now, she has the privilege to help women un-crush their confidence and so much more to take their lives to the next level.  

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