Are There Toxic People In Your Life?

If you’ve ever worked with or been around toxic people you know how draining they can be.  Physically, emotionally and mentally.  It takes a toll on your confidence and creates self -doubt and anxiety.  


A recent survey of 800 managers and employees in 17 industries, as reported by Harvard Business Review, found that among employees who've been on the receiving end of negative behaviors like manipulation, bullying, and inappropriate use of power:  


  • 48 percent intentionally decreased their work effort.

  • 80 percent lost work time worrying about the incident.

Manipulators are the toughest to deal with and the most toxic. They will do anything to shake your confidence, put self-doubt in your head and make you second-guess yourself and your worth.  All leading to increased anxiety.  


These types of people love to plant seeds of doubt to keep you unfocused, so they can take advantage of you.  They get you to believe their opinions are facts and you’re the one that is inadequate.


A great example of this is that ‘friend’ who tells you how to live your life according to how they think it should be lived. And if you don't heed their advice and make changes they let you know you're doomed to fail. 


Why do they do this?  CONTROL.  They want to control you to validate their low self-esteem and keep you from outdoing them at work or in life.  It’s easy to think they care about you.  But the truth is they are only worried about themselves.  


Confidence Tip: 

  Be prepared to respond to manipulators by having some go to phrases.

How do you deal with the manipulator?  First, you should know they are trying to dictate your emotions and get a response out of you.  Your best tip is to have a  verbal arsenal ready when they attack.  This plays into their need to control.   By having a self-assured come-back line in your verbal arsenal when they attempt a manipulative attack, you will take back the power and control. Try this when they attack ‘That is your opinion, however it’s not a true assessment of the situation.  My belief is….”  This takes the air out of their sails and asserts your own self-worth (and confidence). 


Meet Sheri' DuMond

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Sheri’ has mentored business and sales leaders since the early 2000s.  She is a speaker, writer and creator of Power Plays: Ignite Your Quantum Leap and take your Career to the Next Level and Confident Success Circle.  Sheri’ built a successful corporate career in the Pharma and CRO industries.  She managed and trained hundreds of people, during her long tenure.  Then moved into starting multi-million dollar divisions for corporations looking to diversify their portfolios.  But Sheri’ knew she had a longing to take her passion for giving women voices in their careers and lives and turned it into a thriving business.  Now, she has the privilege to help women un-crush their confidence and so much more to take their lives to the next level.  

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