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Having spent over 20 years as a corporate world successfully navigating from a marketing assistant to the boardrooms of successful health care & pharma companies, I am taking all the lessons I’ve learned from my time in sales, management and corporate strategists, to help my clients become their own fierce corporate warriors.

Sheri' DuMond, Founder

Why I Created the
Confidence Success Circle

  • My own success didn't come overnight...

    or without some hard knocks.  What I learned and have mentored other women about is the key to getting ahead.  

  • I understand the striving...

    I see people who are stuck, exhausted, yearning to have a spark of fire lit within them.  People who want to take their careers to the next level.  But just don’t know how or where to find the answers.

  • My commitment to a balanced life

    That’s why I created the Confidence Success Circle!  I wanted a place for you to get  answers, tips and tricks to increase your confidence and take those quantum leaps in your career and personal lives. 

 I see myself as a pretty confident woman already yet I know there is always more to learn, especially from other women.  I jumped at the opportunity to become part of this diverse, amazing group who are at various levels of their own confidence and business journey. These emails and tips reinforce what I know, remind me of things I need to take action on and also reveal wisdom to add to my life. Great group to listen, learn and share with, so that we all become our best selves! 

Diane Crncich

Sales Strategist

As I climbed the corporate ladder and my roles grew,  I needed different support.  Sheri gave constant feedback and support (without a lot of sugar coating).  She empowered me to come up with solutions and have a sounding board how to move forward.  She gave guidance without judging.  She was motivational and kept me on the right track with my goals through text messages, email and phone calls.

Isabelle A. Harman

Storyteller/Ghostwriter/Business Content Strategist

Confident Warriors

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