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Sheri' DuMond Confidence Navigation Strategist

Sheri’ has mentored business and sales leaders since the early 2000s.  She is a speaker, writer and creator of Power Plays: Ignite Your Quantum Leap and take your Career to the Next Level and Confident Success Circle.  Sheri’ built a successful corporate career in the Pharma and CRO industries.  She managed and trained hundreds of people, during her long tenure.  Then moved into starting multi-million dollar divisions for corporations looking to diversify their portfolios.  But Sheri’ knew she had a longing to take her passion for giving women voices in their careers and lives and turned it into a thriving business.  Now, she has the privilege to help women un-crush their confidence and so much more to take their lives to the next level.  

I have had the privilege of working with Sheri’ since 2008.  She has been my manager, colleague, mentor and coach. As I climbed the corporate ladder with increasing responsibilities, and even changed industries, I needed someone to actively support and guide me.  This is where Sheri’ excels.  She is gifted at being a non-judgmental sounding board and giving honest, constant feedback.  Sheri’ has empowered me to come up with solutions and develop a path to move forward.  She is motivational and has kept me on the right track with my goals through text messages, email and phone calls. I am very fortunate to have worked with Sheri’ and will continue to do so.  

Jennifer H

Sr. Director & Fundraiser, World Vision USA

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